Mental Health Unit in Hargeisa Group Hospital

100% Donated

Ururka somaliland mental health support ama ururka dhibirka ee somaliland ayaa maanta lacag gaadheysa $2914 ka gudoomay waris Abdillahi muxumed,amina Abdillahi iyo layla jamac lacagtaas oy kasoo ururiyeen qarkamid ah dumarka reer somaliland iyo walalahooda somaliyeed ee magalada Cardiff carada boqortoyada Britain.

Lacagtaas oy ugu talagaleen in ay ka qayb qaadato dismaha ka socda dhakhtarka dhibirka ee magaalada hargeysa.

Gobolada iyo degmooyinka dalka Somaliland ayaa sanadihii ugu dambeeyay waxa si aad ah ugu soo badanayay cudurka dhimirka. Marka laga yimaado cusbitaalka guud ee Magaalada Hargeysa oo dadkan lagu xanaaneeyo,...

Ururka Somaliland oo ah urur samo fal. kaas oo fadhiisinkiisu yahay Somaliland iyo dalka boqortooyada carada Biritan ama united kingdom ayaa sanadkan wuxuu ku guulaystay inuu kamid noqdo ururada bulshada Somaliland......

Xafladii Furitanka Ururka Somaliland Mental Health Support Organisation Somaliland Mental Health support Organization oo daryeli dona dadka dhimirka wax ka qaba ee ku dhaqan jamhuriyada Somaliland oo markay...

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